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Our Team

NDTAC is operated by Longevity Consulting and its partners; Child Trends, Break Free Education, and Cyber Synergy. Team members are listed below. Please feel free to contact us for further information. General comments and requests may be sent to or call our hotline at (800)319-9302.



Photo of Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson

Contract Manager, NDTAC, Longevity Consulting

Eric Thompson is the Chief Executive Officer at Longevity Consulting. Eric ensures that Team Longevity’s Business Operations deliver vital services and provides continual corporate oversight of all contract activities. Eric brings more than 16 years of experience in business analysis and software development to the project, specifically in the areas of information technology, product development, and professional consulting services.

Photo of Karen Gibson-Serrette

Karen Gibson-Serrette

Project Director, NDTAC, Longevity Consulting

Karen Gibson-Serrette serves as Project Director for NDTAC. Karen provides exceptional leadership, management, and contract oversight for ED grant competition peer reviews. She ensures that Team Longevity’s Business Operations provide the requisite services and also ensures continual corporate oversight of contract activities. Karen has extensive technical management, federal grant competition management, and conference and event management experience.

Natalia Pane - Child Trends

Natalia Pane

Co-Director of NDTAC, Child Trends

Natalia Pane serves as the Co-Director of NDTAC, a role she previously served in from 2003-2007. Drawing on her extensive experience directing federally-funded data collection and use projects, Natalia oversees task leads and all NDTAC activities to ensure that all services and products meet grantee needs and client expectations.

Mary Chown - Deputy Director of Longevity Consulting

Mary Chown

Deputy Director, Longevity Consulting

Mary Chown supports and manages all NDTAC activities. She brings a diverse range of tools and a distinct skill set to assist with NDTAC strategic goals. For over 17 years she has served as educator, director, coordinator, and program manager within various nonprofit organizations throughout PA, CA, and NY. She has extensive experience in providing technical assistance and support both pre award and post award to nonprofits and educational institutions located across the country and around the world.

Deborah Temkin - Child Trends

Deborah Temkin

Senior Advisor, Child Trends

Deborah Temkin, PhD, serves as a senior advisor for all NDTAC activities and subject matter experts focused on safe and supportive learning environments. She currently serves in an advisory role for several other TA centers to include the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE), the Title IV Part-A Technical Assistance Center, and the Leadership Exchange for Adolescent Health Promotion. She previously worked for the U.S. Department of Education helping to support school climate and bullying prevention initiatives.

Kristen Harper - The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Kristen Harper

Senior Advisor, Child Trends

Kristen Harper serves as a senior advisor for NDTAC and oversees technical assistance related to compliance. She previously worked with the Title I-D program as a U.S. Department of Education staff member. She is currently a senior advisor for NCSSLE and has previously served as principal investigator on a project to identify state indicators to differentiate how states provide health and education services, family supports, and equal protection within the criminal justice system to children and youth with special health care needs.

Victor St. John | PhD Student | M.Phil. | CUNY Graduate Center, New York |  CUNY

Victor St. John

Deputy Director, Child Trends

Victor J. St. John supports and oversee all NDTAC activities, including TA provision, data collection and reporting guidance, and annual conference design. His experience includes leading research projects to inform practices and policies for NYC’s Board of Correction (BOC) and implementing and evaluating therapy, diversion programs, and violence reduction initiatives with justice-involved and at-risk youth.

Photo of Anika Smith

Anika Smith

Program Specialist, Longevity Consulting

Anika Smith serves as a program specialist for all NDTAC activities. Anika has over 7 years of experience supporting more than 40 grant competitions at ED, coordinating all phases of the grant management process including but not limited to: logistical support, materials development, post-award management, and conducting peer reviews/federal discretionary grant competitions.

Claire Kelley - Child Trends

Claire Kelley

Data Lead, Child Trends

Claire Kelley leads NDTAC grantee data monitoring activities including the development of data visualizations, and data TA and advises on reporting functions. She leverages her expertise in data science, federal data sets (especially USED), federal annual reporting, and data visualization.

Kaylor Garcia - Child Trends

Kaylor Garcia

Technical Assistance Liaison and Communities of Practice Lead, Child Trends

Kaylor Garcia helps lead the development of TIPD communities of practice, supports the grantee needs assessment, and develops other products for the center. She has provided TA around adolescent health topics, led the development of the LEA needs assessment for T4TAC, and currently provides training and TA to multiple states on how to support adolescent sexual health through the CDC LEAHP project.

Obioma Okogbue - Child Trends

Obioma Okogbue

TA Coordinator/Helpdesk Lead, Child Trends

Obioma Okogbue is a technical assistance analyst who leads the NDTAC helpdesk and support development of TA activities and products. She has experience in providing training and TA, coordinating and managing multiple TA projects (e.g., CDC LEAHP and Title IV, Part A TA Center), and developing TA products for state health and education agencies.

Photo of Daron Clark

Daron Clark

Project Support, Longevity Consulting

Daron Clark serves as a Project Support Assistant for NDTAC. She has extensive customer service and grants management experience, successfully supporting numerous ED grant competitions. She assists in supporting the NDTAC helpdesk and other technical assistance activities.

Photo of Charles Campbell

Charles Campbell

Software Architect, Longevity Consulting

Charles Campbell serves as software architect for all NDTAC activities. Charles is a Senior Software Architect and leverages over 15 years of software development and cloud operations experience on a variety of development environments and platforms. Charles has led teams to deliver cross platform mobile solutions as well as scalable web solutions and has a wealth of knowledge in the entire software development lifecycle. In addition, Charles has experience in the planning, design, and management of software development teams.

Photo of Michael Roundtree

Michael Roundtree

Program Specialist, Longevity Consulting

Michael Roundtree serves as a program specialist for all NDTAC activities. Mike has over 8 years of experience supporting and managing various aspects of grants management support activities at ED. He has supported over 60 grant competitions in various capacities and brings a wealth of experience in pre and post-award grants management activities.

Photo of Sunny Sun

Sunny Sun

TA Coordinator, Child Trends

Sunny Sun supports the NDTAC helpdesk. Her research interests focus on improving outcomes for underserved populations and applying psychology to support youth involved in the legal and criminal justice systems.

Photo of Craig Williams

Craig Williams

Support Services, Cyber Synergy

Craig Williams is supporting the Longevity Team as a subcontractor and provides support services for all NDTAC activities. Craig has more than 15 years of experience leading projects, including managing and overseeing the execution of all phases of the event planning process for over 100 events across 15 clients.

Photo of Tisha Montgomery

Tisha Montgomery

Project Coordinator, Cyber Synergy

Tisha Montgomery serves as project coordinator for NDTAC. She has over 15 years of experience in office and project management, administrative support, and meeting and event planning working with a prominent Fortune 100 company. She assists the team with national conference coordination, meeting information and material distribution.

Photo of David Domenici

David Domenici

Program Specialist, BreakFree

David Domenici is supporting the Longevity Team as a subcontractor and provides support services for all NDTAC activities. Mr. Domenici is the Executive Director for BreakFree Education and is a nationally recognized leader in correctional education. He has supported the work of states, local educational agencies, and detention and correctional facilities to improve educational services to youth incarceration systems.