Administering Title I, Part D

This section of the site is designed to help those responsible for general administration of State and local Title I, Part D programs.

Administration Overview

This page provides general information and resources related to the administration of State and local Title I, Part D (Part D), programs across the major activity areas of 1) planning and funding, 2) monitoring and compliance, 3) and reporting and evaluation. More detailed information around these topics is provided in the related pages as identified below.

Planning and Funding

This section provides resources and tools that Part D coordinators at every level of program administration--from the State Education Agency to local facilities and programs--can use to plan for and fund programs for youth who are neglected or delinquent (N or D). Topics include the Annual Child Count conducted for funding purposes, application review and development, institution-wide projects, and development of State plans.

Monitoring and Compliance

Monitoring Part D programs for compliance assists administrators at all levels in ensuring that students who are neglected, delinquent, or at-risk (N or D) receive a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.  This section provides information related to both the Federal monitoring conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, as well as resources for State Education Agencies in relation to subgrantee monitoring.

Reporting and Evaluation

This section provides information for Part D coordinators, subgrantees, and data administrators related to the Part D data collection, including the Federal data collection and reporting cycle; performance reports and publications reflecting the results of previous data collections; data quality and program evaluation tools and resources to assist with data use; and information related to developing comprehensive data systems and implementing pre- and posttesting within programs.