Professional Development: How It Can Enhance Student Outcomes in Neglected and Delinquent Programs

Professional Development: How It Can Enhance Student Outcomes in Neglected and Delinquent Programs

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Studies suggest that the more time teachers spend in professional development, the more significantly they change their practices. Effective teachers form the foundation of good schools, and improving teachers’ skills and knowledge is one of the most important investments of time and money that local, State, and national leaders make in education. Furthermore, NDTAC reiterates that high quality and ongoing professional development for teachers of students who are neglected, delinquent, or at-risk is essential to improving student outcomes. During this Webinar, presenters identify effective professional development strategies, potential benefits, and some current methods of implementation. Two programs are showcased as further examples that highlight the challenges and successes encountered in implementing professional development.

Dr. Ted Price (assistant professor of educational leadership at West Virginia University) provides an overview of professional development and its potential value to educational systems, programs, and personnel. Dr. Fran Warsing (superintendent in the Office of Institutional Education Programs at West Virginia Department of Education) and Rick Martin (Title I, Part D, director in the Orange County, California, Department of Education) elaborate on professional development strategies used at the State and local levels to enhance the educational experiences of students who are neglected or delinquent and improve teachers’ skills and knowledge. This Webinar is designed to help participants to better understand the potential advantages that professional development can offer to educational programs, learn several professional development strategies, and recognize differences in implementation at State and local levels.

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Thu, 03/31/2011 - 12:45PM EDT