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Federal Data Reporting and the Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR)


Consolidated State Performance Report

The Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR) is a data collection instrument administered by the U.S. Department of Education's (ED's) Office of Elementary and Secondary Education on an annual basis. All States that receive Title I, Part D, funding for the related school year must respond to the reporting requirements in the CSPR.

The purpose of the CSPR is to collect program data that ED can use to demonstrate the effectiveness of Title I, Part D programs in relation to the progress students are making regarding academic, vocational, and transition outcomes. States may also use their own CSPR data for self-assessment and decision making purposes. Measures collected in the CSPR for the State agency (Subpart 1) and the local agency (Subpart 2) programs are the same and focus on four areas:

  • Student and facility counts
  • Demographics (race/ethnicity, age, and gender)
  • Academic and vocational outcomes
  • Academic performance in reading and mathematics

The data collected through the CSPR are publicly available through ED’s ED Data Express as well as through NDTAC’s State and National Fast Facts Web pages.

Other Title I, Part D, Data Collections

ED also conducts an Annual Count of students who live in institutions for youth who are neglected or delinquent. The Annual Count data are used to help determine Federal Title I, Part A, and Part D allocations to the States each year. It is important to note that the data collected for the Annual Count are not the same as the student count data reported in the CSPR. They are two separate collections, used for two different purposes. In contrast, all students that were served using Part D funds should be included in the CSPR. Depending on the timing of each collection, States may request that State agency and local education agency subgrantees report data for each collection around the same time of year.

CSPR and EDFacts Timelines and Submission

The Title I, Part D, section of the CSPR requests data for the previous school year, which is typically defined as July 1–June 30. For example, the data are entered in the CSPR in January and February for the school year that ended the previous summer. 

The CSPR consists of two parts, each of which has a separate delivery date. Title I, Part D, programs are contained in Part II of the CSPR. Often, there is a data verification period after the deadline, and States are provided with a second submission period in which to update any missing or erroneous data. 

States are required to submit the CSPR data online. Some portions of the CSPR data collection are reported through EDFacts, which impacts the timing of when data may be entered. Every State has a different system for determining who is able to access the online reporting tools. As a result, State reporting timelines may be earlier than ED deadlines. Contact your State CSPR coordinator or Title I, Part D, program coordinator for more information.