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A Coordinator's Year at a Glance

A State Part D Coordinator's Year at a Glance. Text equivalent of the chart is shown below.

A State Part D Coordinator's Year at a Glance*

During each month, the following actions may be required by the SA/LEA, ED, or the Coordinator:

*Download the pdf version of the TIPD State Coordinators Year at a Glance Here


  • SA/LEA and Coordinator Action: Monitor subgrantees (Sep-May)
  • SA/LEA Action: SAs and LEAs select count window for the Annual Count
  • ED Action: ED distributes Annual Count Survey and Guidance


  • Coordinator Action: Distribute Annual Count Surveys to SAs and LEAs (Oct-Dec)
  • SA/LEA Action: SAs and LEAs count eligible students within selected count windows


  • SA/LEA and Coordinator Action: Collect and verify Annual Count data from subgrantees (Dec-Jan)


  • Coordinator Action: Submit Annual Count of students to ED
  • Coordinator Action: Verify and submit data on students served (unduplicated count) via CSPR and EDFacts to ED


  • Coordinator Action: EDFacts/CSPR data is reported to ED


  • Coordinator Action: Prepare/Update Title I, Part D SA and LEA applications


  • ED Action: ED announces preliminary awards (April/May)


  • ED and Coordinator Action: Release Title I, Part D Applications to elligible SAs and LEAs


  • ED Action: ED releases Title I, Part D funds to the States
  • ED and SA/LEA Action: Collect CSPR data from subgrantees (July-Jan)
  • Coordinator and SA/LEA Action: Make Title I, Part D awards to subgrantees (Allocate Title I, Part D funds received from ED)


  • Coordinator and SA/LEA Action: Prepare for the Annual Count and CSPR data collections (eg, update survey forms) (Aug/Sep)
  • Coordinator and SA/LEA Action: Provide training/technical assistance (T/TA) as appropriate to subgrantees on the Annual Count and CSPR data collections. Data collections (Aug-Nov)
  • Coordinator Action: Prepare for subgrantee monitoring, including setting schedules, updating monitoring protocols, and preparing other related materials

*NOTE: These and guidelines and suggested timeframes. Federal reporting dates vary from year to year, and States adopt different schedules according to their specific circumstances and preferences.

Last updated: April 2022