Developing and Implementing Corrective Action Plans

Developing and Implementing Corrective Action Plans

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Lauren Banks Amos, technical assistance liaison, NDTAC, and Dorothy Seidel, research associate, NDTAC

In this session, participants discussed the corrective action planning process including (1) how the development of technical assistance plans can contribute to this process, (2) the indicators for which States commonly receive Federal monitoring findings, and (3) common questions State education agencies  have concerning these indicators. Participants then worked in small groups to review sample Federal monitoring report findings for three indicators—State agency and local educational agency applications, institutionwide projects, and subgrantee monitoring—and used a planning tool to brainstorm and draft components of a comprehensive technical assistance plan to support subgrantee efforts to meet compliance in these areas. To close the session, participants came together to share their small group conversations, discuss strategies and resources States have used to meet compliance in these areas, and discuss appropriate next steps to fully develop and implement a technical assistance plan.


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July 2012