Title I, Part D Program Profile

Title I, Part D Program Profile

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This two-page profile provides an overview of the Title I, Part D program, including purposes of the program, funding history, and a summary of student enrollment and academic performance data.  Some of the major changes found in ESSA pertaining to the Part D Program are as follows:

  • Renewed interest in family and community as resources and supports to ensure continued education of the youth who are involvedin the neglected or delinquent systems both while in placement and when returning to the community
  • Increased emphasis on transition planning and services plus the expectations that the responsibility for the continued education ofyouth who are N or D is shared jointly between the correctional facility and the local educational agency
  • Emphasis on youth who are justice involved to achieve a traditional high school diploma
  • Tracking the involvement of youth who are known as “crossover” youth—those who are involved in both the child welfare andjuvenile justice systems
  • A requirement that the State Part D Plan not only identifies program objectives but also describes project outcomes


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Updated October 2019