Webinar Video Help

Webinar Video Help

This page contains useful tips for downloading
previously recorded Webinars.

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System Requirements

Windows Media Player ("the player") is required to view webinar video recordings. If you do not have the player installed on your machine, download a free copy of the player.

Playing Webinar Videos

To view the video, click on the "Recording" link and the video will automatically play (depending on your internet connection speed). If the video does not play via the "Recording" link, you can manually download the video and open it in the player. To download the video,

  • Right click on the "Recording" link and select Save Link As or Save Target As to save the video file on your computer.
  • Open the player and select File, then Open. Click on the video file to play the video.


If you are still having difficulty, send an email to ndtac@air.org for assistance.