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Statute & Regulations

There are several important resources that direct the administration and regulation of Title I, Part D funding with which States and subgrantees should be familiar.

Title I, Part D Statute

The Title I, Part D, Statute can be found under Section 1401 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, amended in 2015 (ESEA) and provides the program authorization, purposes, grantee eligibility and application requirements, appropriate uses of funds, reporting requirements, and other program details. 

The Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Cost Circular A-87

This document establishes principles and standards for determining costs for Federal awards carried out through grants, cost reimbursement contracts, and other agreements with State and local governments and federally-recognized Indian tribal governments (governmental units). This resource is useful for understanding the use of Title I, Part D, funds, and the regulations contained within Title 34, Sections 200.90 and 200.91, of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR)

Each executive department and agency of the federal government, including the U.S. Department of Education (ED), publishes general and permanent rules in the Federal Register. Those general and permanent rules are codified in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The code is divided into 50 titles that represent broad areas subject to federal regulation, with Title 34 representing education. The Education Department General Administrative Regulations, or EDGAR, is codified at Parts 74-86 and 97-99 of Title 34 of the CFR. EDGAR includes regulations related to the administration of grants and agreements, intergovernmental review of ED grants and activities, protection of human subjects, and more.